Spraynoz technologies private limited (STPL) gives top caliber, strong Spiral Full Cone Spray Nozzles that can be utilized for to smother the irritation of spouts across plants, industrial facilities, and corporate houses. We are sent off Spiral Full Cone Spray Nozzles that have been created with the most cutting edge innovations of our times. Close by straight forward use, we have even guaranteed the utilization of our clients. Contrasted with different spouts, our Spiral Full Cone Spray Nozzles methods are effective in overseeing work-hour limit and upgrading efficiency. Close by high creation esteem, our Nozzles go low on upkeep.

The most frequently used spout type in industry is the Spiral Full Cone Spray Nozzles. The shower lets out of the spout in a clone like shape with the liquid dispersed over within the cone. Exactly when the sprinkle comes to with a surface, a circle of shower is molded with liquid present all through. The full cone plan from a bending spout contains a couple of concentric void cones that solidify to make a full cone result with a more unobtrusive dab size.

Spraynoz technologies private limited (STPL) Spiral Full Cone Spray Nozzles guarantee uniform, allegorical dissemination of fluid. This stream math of spout produces reduced and exact with stable splash point.

We provide a Spiral Full Cone Spray Nozzles Characteristic of any internal parts make these nozzles non-clogging. Our Design: One piece construction, non-clogging type.

The Spiral full cone nozzles consolidate little sizes with wide stream rate and opening-they are non-obstructing because of nonappearance of inward parts.

Spraynoz technologies private limited (STPL) provides Spiral Full Cone Nozzles which combine small sizes with wide flow rate and opening.

Twisting Full Cone Nozzle is otherwise called Pig Tail Nozzles which produce a more extensive shower inclusion than most different assortments of a full cone splash spout. The course of Spiral Full Cone Nozzles, water is diverted onto a winding formed surface then, at that point, makes various empty cone splash designs. This Spiral Full Cone Nozzles can be utilized for an assortment of fluids, require at least upkeep, and have a long working life.

❖ Fire fighting system
❖ Gas Washing / Gas conditioning
❖ Cooling towers
❖ Exhaust scrubbing / Dust scrubbing
❖ Chemical spraying

Product Details:
❖ Flow Rate Ranges: 12.50 to 2800 LPM
❖ Spray angles: 60°, 90°, 120° and 180°
❖ Spray Patterns: Full cone
❖ Connection Size: 1/4" to 2"
❖ Material: SS 304, SS 316, Brass, PP, PVC, Teflon
❖ Our products Application: Dust control, Flue Gas depressurization, Fire Protection, Gas conditioning, etc.


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