About Us

“SPRAYNOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. ” is founded by a mechanical engineer and his colleague who have great knowledge and experience in the field of Spray nozzles technologies and systems, the “Spraynoz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ” name has always stood for best quality, quick response, technical solution and timely delivery.

Today, “SPRAYNOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. ” is leading company and popular name in the market for manufacturing of different types of industrial spray nozzles.

The spray nozzles which “SPRAYNOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. ” Manufactures that are used in various industries such as Metallurgical industries for the application: continuous casting of steel secondary cooling and descaling, Environmental industries for the application: air pollution control, Chemical industries for the application: Cleaning of tank and reactor, Power industries for the application: flue gas desulfurization, Pharmaceuticals industries for the application: tablet coating and others.

We also manufacture spray nozzles as per specification, samples and different application. We are continuously getting success to develop spray nozzles and technologies with the help of our enthusiastic team. We are proud to have esteemed client who have entrusted their trust in us.

Vision &

“Our vision is to provide excellent quality of products, in time delivery, best technical assistant and competitive cost of products”.